about this blog

I’m a twenty-six year old observational cynic.  Despite many attempts to over-come anxiety and shyness, it’s still the core of of my being and impossible to act without these core elements of my personality.  While i find it difficult to interact, i do not find it difficult to notice people’s flaws through gestures and verbal exchanges.   I’m quick to notice the bullshitter and the heart-of-gold.  I believe we all play up to roles in this world and i’m simply here to accentuate them with satire and cynicism.
My life has been a cluster-fuck of  strange happenings through a semi-unique upbringing.  I’ve been observant since childhood and every memory psychologically reflects decisions in my daily life.  I recently found an office job and the past 4 months have been blessings to my observations.  Within this blog, you will find bits of my childhood, bits of office-honesty… (some of you know what i’m talking about), bits of love’s misery and a bit of everything else.  I do feel that the extent of what makes me laugh shines a rather harsh light on me but i’m not cruel, I’m tired and worn and beaten down – but if we can’t laugh at the small tragedies that life inevitably unfolds before us – it’s going to be a miserable haul.


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